National Shipping FAQ

The meals are prepared fresh every time and flash frozen 24 hours before they are shipped.
Absolutely, the meals will arrive frozen and can be kept in the freezer after they arrive. We suggest thawing each meal out as needed over night in your fridge. Once thawed they can be microwaved for 90 seconds.
All meals will be packed in a custom sealed cooler liner that is rated for holding temperatures up to 72 hours. There will also be several gel packs to ensure the meals stay frozen during the shipping process. The liners are a custom material that is 100% recyclable.
Meals all start at each, which does include the cost of shipping. The smallest package we can ship will cost 0. Any package with 20 or more meals will receive a 10% discount.
We now deliver to all of the Continental United States. There is no shipping charge for any East Coast orders. There is a flat rate shipping charge for any packages that require express delivery.
All orders place by Thursday at noon will ship the following Monday. All packages will be shipped Monday afternoon via Fedex. Depending on your proximity to our facility your meals can arrive as early as Tuesday afternoon. All packages should arrive by Thursday Morning.
To qualify for shipping a minimum of 10 items must be ordered. There is no maximum quantity.
Yes the menu will change generally at the beginning of every month.
We recommend 1-2min in the microwave to re-heat each meal if not frozen. Containers are BPA free, and dishwasher friendly. The containers are 100% recyclable.
The meals will come as is as denoted on the menu. We do our best to ensure a wide variety of sides and options. Also please feel free to make suggestions as we are always looking to improve our service.